About V3CBD

Verde Valley Vapes began its journey back in 2015. During that time, CBD became part of our everyday lives, so we began to offer it in a variety of flavors and uses. We use 99.8% pure Hemp CBD Isolate in all of our products. The 3 varieties we offer are Sublingual Drops, E-Liquid (vaping) and Topical Roll On. The sublingual is meant to be dropped on or under the tongue, but you can add it to any drink or food, also. The E-Liquid is designed specifically for use in a personal vaporizer. The roll ons are not meant to be ingested. Instead, "roll on" this product to any affected areas of the body. We use 100% pure and therapeutic essential oils in the roll ons, mixed with our CBD. Thank you for taking the time to browse our shop. Email us if you have any questions. info@vvvcbd.com

Sublingual CBD Drops

CBD Infused Essential Oils - 250mg of CBD Per Bottle